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Saturday, June 10, 2017

How To Speed Up Loading Website Wordpress

How To Speed Up Loading Website Wordpress
WordPress is the best platform to create a website, blog or online store or website for any kind of business you more. I also use WordPress to build my blog. No need to doubt if WordPress is the platform best because many users from around the world dropped its options in WordPress.

WordPress is also very often do an update to update his system be it from coding and a good back end interface or front end. At this time the article I will be giving a tutorial wordpress site that will help you have a better speed when loaded. Before you read the how to speed up loading of wordpress to be more fast. You should know in advance about the benefits of having a fast website.

Use a light Wordpres Themes when selecting themes for WordPress, don't just see from the look of it. You should pick a theme that is not too heavy, so when not accessed the weight of the load your website. It is unfortunate when website visitors you haven't got information important website due to your theme that is too heavy. In addition, we recommend you use premium WordPress themes that support the SEO to make it more acceptable to search engines and more preferred by Google.

Use the Plugin to store the Cache from Your website or blog, you can use the plugin W3 Total Cache or Wp Super Cache plugin, with the speed of your wordpress website or blog will automatically be fast. If you don't like the plugin settings are complicated then I suggest to use the plugin WP-plugin WP caching, Rocket-Rocket is indeed not free but has advantages that are very unusual.

Optimize Image optimizer image called Yahoo! has that will drastically reduce the file size of the pictures, while not reducing the quality. However, if you do compress the image for each image I am sure you will be exhausted, and very time consuming. And lucky once with the plugin WP SmushIt will perform this process for all your images automatically. So, there is no reason for you not to install this one.

Optimize your Home Page is not one thing but actually some easy things that you can do to ensure that load your site loaded quickly, the section of the homepage is the most important part of your site because your visitors will most often access this section. Things you can do include: show only excerpts instead of just posting the full model, reducing the number of posts on the front page (I love the shows between the 8-10 post), Remove unnecessary widgets on Your website or blog, delete the inactive plugins and widgets that do not need to create a minimalist because your visitors came for the content not to see the widget. Overall, clean and focused design of the homepage will help your page not only looks good, but also load faster.

Optimize Wordpress Database I certainly get a lot of use of the word "optimize" in this post! To do this you can use the plugin WP-Optimize. This plugin allows you to perform only one simple task: optimize your database (spam, post revisions, drafts, tables, etc.) to reduce the overhead on your wordpress database. This plugin is free and really help you in the optimization of the database. However, if you use a paid plugin WP-Rocket, then you no longer need to install this plugin because it already contained this feature in it.

Add expires headers with static resource an expires header is a way to specify a time that is far enough dimuatan the next visitors (browser) so that visitors don't have to re-take your static content (such as css, javascript files, images etc.). In this way can cut your load time significantly for the user. Please copy and paste the following code in the .htaccess file of your root

expiresactive on

expiresbytype image/gif a2592000

expiresbytype image/png a2592000

a2592000 expiresbytype image/jpg

expiresbytype image/jpeg a2592000

as with the optimization on the database, using the plugin cache now includes this passage, like the wp-rocket automatically add an expires header when the plugin is first activated.

Disable pingbacks and trackbacks, wordpress by default, interact with other blogs that are equipped with pingbacks and trackbacks. whenever other blogs linking to your website, it will tell your site, which in turn updates the data in the post. turn off this will not destroy the backlink to your site, only settings that generate a lot of work for your site. Here's how: settings» discussion and uncheck as the picture below. Speed up wordpress discussion settings

Use a content delivery network, all your favorite major blogs utilize this, as one of the famous blog using wordpress here. How to see her visit her site and right click the picture and then view image and view its URL. TechCrunch is one which utilizes a cdn that. basically a cdn or content delivery network, taking all static files that you have on your site (css, javascript and images etc) and allows visitors to download it as soon as possible with a serve that file on the server that is closest to the position of the visitor.

Limit the number of post revisions, you can limit post revisions become revision 2 or 3 only. Since every edit you make in the posting, it will be stored in the database, and it will lead to swell your wordpress database, to cope with it you just simply write inline code. Open the file URwp-config.php you define (' WP_POST_REVISIONS ', 3);

Add the lazyload to your images, lazyload is a process runs only on the visible (i.e. only the images seen in the visitor's browser window), then when the discroll reader down, other images start to load. This will not only speed up your page loads, it can also save bandwidth by loading less data for users who do not menscroll all the page down on your web page. to do this automatically, install the jquery lazyload plugin image. for users of wp rocket you don't need to do this because a feature already entered in it.

Use the cloudflare, cloudflare is content delivery networks and domain name server service that is distributed to increase the website's performance and speed up the loading of your website and provide security as well. cloudflare service is free, but if your site has a great visitor we recommend you use the premium package. These tips are actually the same with tip number 10 of this article, but since it's free then I suggest to use the services of cloudflare.

Delete useless Plugins in the Website, the Plugin works to help improve the performance of your website. However, make sure you only use the plugin according to your needs. Plugin that you don't use but still attached will slow down your website. The more you use the plugin, the more resources you need. This is certainly going to affect the performance of your website. Therefore, use the optimal plugin, simply use a plugin with the same function or you can install a plugin with many functions. If you are already using a lot of plugins and confused which plugins will uninstall, then use the Performance Profiler Plugin. So that later you'll find out which plugin you used or even keep You replace.
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