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Friday, August 18, 2017

Download Mobile SIM Card Reader Tool

Download Mobile SIM Card Reader Tool (free)
Software version:
Price: free for the trial version and the paid version to $69
Size: 1.50 MB
Operating system: windows XP, windows 2003, windows vista, windows 7

As the number of mobile phones in the market then there are many many people who use more than one mobile phone. But sometimes, because of some reason they often move the Sim Card from one mobile phone to another mobile phone. Sometimes, actions to move the card Sim Card from one mobile phone to another mobile phone with high intensity resulted in damage to the Sim Card or the loss of a variety of data that is in the Sim Card. It is of course would be very disturbing if there's a lot of data such as messages and contact numbers you have stored in Your Sim Card. To cope with such events, Pro Data Doctor makes an application named Mobile Sim Card Card Reader Tool.

This application requires a connection between the Sim Card with the computer to provide access to applications of Mobile Sim Card Card Reader Tool read all data stored or had been stored on the Sim Card. The application also takes the basic information stored on the Sim Card as international mobile service identity, the name of the service provider, place the Sim Card card is produced and other basic information.

Based on the official site of this application, it is said that the application is able to restore deleted messages overall, able to restore contact number that has been erased, the display phone number along with the contact name, and all of it is done in a short time.

In addition, the application is able to search for information on GSM cards from different countries. So you don't need to loose the card Sim Card you are using is not able to be read by this application. But unfortunately this interesting application is offered with a high enough price. With the value of the dollar exchange rate as at present, the price of this application for $69.00 became a high enough value. Just imagine if you had to pay almost seven hundred thousand for mobile phone data that you want to search. If there are a lot of important data that may not be Your search again, it felt unnatural looking for this application as a solution. But if you just want to try out this application, you can download a Trial version of this application. Good luck.
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