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Friday, August 18, 2017

Download My Talking Angela (free) Android

Download My Talking Angela (free) Android
Taking care of pets does require dedication and diligence but also provide satisfaction and pleasure when interacting with him. Keeping animals in digital also became an option for people who are busy or don't have the room to accommodate pets. Starting with the tamagotchi, at this time there are many animal-keeping simulation. One of My Talking Angela. Angela is a cat that you can observe from small to mature. That made Angela interesting is, he can speak because Angela herself is a combination of a cat with a human being. Angela is a human posture with the head of a cat. Of course this is a cute and adorable Angela.

In the beginning, you will receive very little from Angela. Your main tasks are divided into four important part i.e., play, feed, clean, and help to sleep. Each of these conditions, pleasure, hunger, hygiene, and drowsiness will be visible on the buttons below. By pressing, you and Angela will be relocated in accordance with needs of Angela then. For example if Angela wants to play, then you will move on to the playing area. When Angela was feeling hungry, you will move to the dinner table for a feed Angela food. The food that is available of course adjust age Angela at that time and you can buy at the grocery store. Eat and play will make hygiene Angela decline. You will move to the shower area to help clean teeth and Angela bathe her dirty. A day of a course will make Angela felt tiredness. When he wanted to sleep, then the button will be red drowsiness and you will move to the bedroom Angela if to press it. You can just turn off the lights in the room Angela and she will fall asleep the drained her energy fills the slumbering.

Every time you do an activity with Angela, you will get the coin and Angela will gain experience which when collected will make it level up. Every time a five level ride, Angela will go up. Of course slowly such as toddlers toward pre-school age. You can buy clothes, accessories, and a cute new hair for her. There are also some herb that has unique benefits such as making Angela back into a toddler or make it not sleepy. In addition, you can record the behaviour of Angela and save it in video form to send or watchable again.

In addition there are all the books sticker which you can collect which of course adds a number of features in this game. It's a pity that limited interaction at the time you want to play with Angela made this game feels less complete. And the progress is slow because it needs a lot of coin to buy supplies but the lack of reward given will force you to buy the coin via in-app purchase in this game. But if you want a game simulating a funny animal-keeping My Talking Angela you can download in Google Play Store free of charge.
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