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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Internet Terms

So many terms in the internet that just maybe you've never heard of before. Call said hosting, cheap hosting, domain, dns and others. Many do not understand. The internet world is indeed growing very quickly. That way, all the things that were once considered likely, would never become possible when the internet has already touched the lives of mankind. For example, we can play social media such as facebook and twitter.

about = happenings, about, about, about
account = account
Admin = administrator
attachment = attachment
bandwidth = bandwidth
bookmarks = mark, give landmark, landmark books
= Broadband broadband, broadband
browser = browser, Explorer
bulletin board = Bulletin Board
CAPTCHA = security checks to avoid automated spam
carbon copy/cc = CC (e-mail)
obrol = chat, chat, rumpi
crash = collide (for troubled software/hardware)
collission = collision data
connection = connection
Copy = copy, copies, double
cut = cut
Cyberspace = a virtual domain
database = database, database
delay = tundaan
delete/del = delete
devices, device = device
domain = domain
Download = Download, grab the data, load down
Edit = Edit, change
mail = email, ratel/email/email (electronic mail), posel (electronic mail), digitally
fwd/forward (e-mail) = Canal
hacker = hackers, malware, data system modifier
Home = Home
page = homepage
= Web hosting hosting
hyperlink = links
interference interference, signal interference =
Install = install, install
Interface = interface
keyword = keywords
lag = slow
link = link, hooks, links, links
load = load
login/log on = login, login, see sign in
log out/log off = log out, log out, see sign out
mailing list = mailing list, list, forum ratel
network = network
newsgroups = group news, discussion groups
network = network
networking = network
noise = noise
offline = offline (out of network), not connected, disconnected
online = online (in a network), connected, connect
passphrase = passphrase, password phrase
password = password
Paste = Paste, tape
Preview = Preview, preview, pratonton
= Internet service provider internet service provider
Save = Save
scan = scan
settings = settings, settings
Server = server
share/share = share
sign in/sign on = record, see login
sign out/sign off = record out, see the logout
site = site
Surf Surf Surf, maya =
Tweet = Twitter, cericau
Update = update, update
upload = upload, load goes up
user = user
username = user name
= virtual reality virtual reality
webpage = web page
website = website
Wireless = Wireless, radio
Admin = Administrator
CAPTCHA = security checks to avoid automated spam
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