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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Resolve Error 5b02 Canon MX377

Resolve Error 5b02 Canon MX377

On printer canon MX377 often we encounter on the display error messages 5b02. An alternative solution that we can do to overcome these constraints are divided into 2 stages:
Customize the printer in case of SERVICE MODE.
To Reset The Printer.

Before the reset, the printer must be in a State of DEATH but the Power cable should remain attached.
Press and hold the STOP/RESET button then press the POWER button and be removable so that the second button is pressed in position.
Off and press the STOP/RESET button back as much as 6 times.
After that remove the two buttons simultaneously, then the printer is in Service Mode.
Your computer will then be detected new hardware printer.

Run the service tool v. v. 3200/3400
Prepare a paper on the printer.
On the menu clear ink counter select main black then set the printer will print 1 sheet
Ink absorber counter menu select main colour then set
Click the printer's eeprom, will print 1 sheet (if you can't disregard it and go directly to step 6)
Select auto then start print Print print test page wait until all the finished menu
Turn off the Printer and then turn on Again, hopefully the printer is ready to use.
Download latest tool service v. 3400/3200 v.

Hopefully this info can be useful.
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