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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Russia's RS-28 Sarmat ICBM: Hypersonic Disaster for US Missile

The test firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile/) Sarmat, which will operate during the early 2020 's, has been successfully implemented in September. However, the character of technical and tactical weapons is still ' concealed '. Here is a successful information exposure we collect either of these weapons as well as developers from conversations with military experts.

It should be noted, at this time the missiles were still in the process of development, and is now starting to operate, he's certainly gone through a number of modifications and changes.

What Is Sarmat?

Sarmat is liquid-fueled intercontinental missile heavyweight with code MS-28. Does it weigh a total of one hundred tons and reach a weight of his Slingshot (throw weight) of ten tons. This missile will be joined by Russia's Strategic Missile Forces after 2020 and will replace the P-32M2 "Voievoda", the most formidable strategic missile and awesome in the world (the nickname of NATO: SS-18 Satan), with a weight of 211 tons and throw weight 8.8 tons.

That would make it different from its predecessor Sarmat is not only does it weigh a lighter, but also the range. If the ' Satan ' is able to fly at a distance of 11 thousand kilometers, Sarmat is able to traverse a distance more than 17 thousand kilometers. The designers even planned the Sarmat fly stray targets even at the South Pole, is that there's nothing anyone her and no fence antimisil built.

In addition, Sarmat will have at least 15 MIRV (multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle) or ballistic missile payload that contains several individual warheads, not just the 10 nuclear warheads. They will be placed according to principles of ' a stack of wine ', and each has a capacity of 150 – 300 kilotons, which can be separated from the ' his stack ' when he had to leave the target as programmed. He can fly at the speed of hipersonik (exceeding Mach 5), changing the course in accordance with the level and the height so that it cannot be intercepted by any missile defense systems, both currently existing as well as long distance missiles, including the rely on the element of space.

"For Sarmat, not important if there is a missile defense system or not. He will not be aware of it. "

How many Sarmat will appear?
At least 154 explosives will remain in Voievoda (154 explosive first tamed in accordance agreement START-I). However, certainly not all of them will be filled in the new missile, the amount should correspond to the parameters of the START-III taktat, which gives Russia and us rations 700 launch vehicle and 1,550 nuclear warheads to be placed on 5 February 2018.

Each Sarmat requires 15 warhead, and based on the data available at this time, Russia has 521 launch vehicle and 1,735 warheads. Meanwhile, the U.S. has 741 1,481 warheads and launchers.

START-III Treaty may be extended once expired on 2021 — with the consent of both parties — for an additional five years. If that happens, Russia will have fewer missiles than Sarmat Voievoda class. Indeed, besides the Sarmat, Russia also still have a missile launcher, such as land and sea, the strategic bomber even.


Start-III (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) is a proposed bilateral nuclear disarmament deal between the United States and Russia. This agreement is intended to drastically reduce the deployed nuclear weapons of the two countries and the continued reduction of weapons which has started since the negotiations START-I and START-II.

The framework agreement negotiations began with talks in Helsinki between Us President Bill Clinton and Russia's President Boris Yeltsin in 1997. However, the negotiations failed and the Treaty was never signed.

Why Does Russia Need Sarmat?

On the one hand, the answer is clear: to confront potential adversaries, as well as replacing Voievoda, who at the end of the START-III will end the era of his devotion.

On the other hand, according to the doctor of Engineering Sciences, Senior researcher at the Institute of world economy and International relations of Russia Academy of Sciences (RAN) Major General Vladimir Dvorkin, to resolve this issue, strategic missile complex moves, such as Topol-M, Yars, Rubezh, and in the long run, the system of missile combat train Barguzin, will suffice.

"Sarmat is required for the first attack against the enemy. However, Russia will never become the first party that attacked with nuclear missiles, "bright Dvorkin," Although the possibility is recorded in our military doctrine. "

Colonel General Viktor Esin agreed with my colleagues, but not completely. "No, we will not be the first to attack with a nuclear missile. However, it was not aimed at the Sarmat, but for a counter-attack. We can do it for enemy missiles flying toward us. A thing that may be known to the enemy. Therefore, Sarmat and other defense systems, will guarantee our security. "
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