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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Advantage Of Having A Website With Your Own Domain

The Advantage Of Having A Website With Your Own Domain
This time we will review what advantage would be gained by having a website with your own domain. Buy your cheap domain soon. There are at least two advantages that would be obtained as follows:

1. Have your own Brand

Using my own domain name, you have a brand or a brand that can not be taken over by another party. This is the advantage while things are very vital in business. As long as you extend the domain, you are entitled to use them without any worries of your brand was taken over by the other party. Activate domain lock facility to keep ownership of your domain from the possibility of the takeover by the other party.

2. The prestige and trust

Website with my own domain name has its own prestige. Especially when compared to the free website. As good as any free website still considered cheap. Any simple website with own domain remain better. People or more visitors trust websites with their own domain. In online transactions, trust is the first step toward the occurrence of the transaction. Without trust there will be no deal. Buy your cheap domain soon.

3. The value of the Website that the higher the

Over time the brand or brands fit the domain name is getting stronger. In economic value was also higher. The domain is very similar to the property. The difference is in the initial price. If a property such as a house or land, either the purchase price or selling price to ride along, not so with the domain. The initial price of the new domain is the same for all domain names. With increasing age, the domain name will be the more expensive price. This is the excess of the domain than real property. As long as you have money for $9-$ 10 you can buy a domain and sell it after a few years later at a price of or more. Especially for Domains-domain with the name name. Remember purchased the facebook with the price of billions of dollars.
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