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Friday, August 25, 2017

Tricks and Simple Way Internetan Using Aircraft Mode 2017

Tricks and Simple Way Internet Using Aircraft Mode 2017, Hay sendbroadcast loyal readers met again with a good admin and I am not a snob, this time I will share the tricks and ways of using the internet but in an airplane Mode. indeedd can ys? Yes certainly can lah so I created this article.

Actually this way could lead to things that are not in want but it's okay gan for you curious and do not know how, just go directly here the steps below.
  1. Attention! first your data must be in the ON position
  2. Then turn on airplane Mode do I slide up and down on your android and then click aircraft mode
  3. Then you go into phone settings mode that is in a way like this: dial * # * # 4636 # * # *
  4. Here the menu window will appear later option, just select ' Phone information ' if smartphonemu using dual sim card, select one of the two that are used for internet data
  5. After that the scroll or slide down select the network that will be used for example GSM, WCDMA or LTE is up to you.
  6. Then move to the bottom again ON Radio or select "turn on the Radio" will be no writing of connected GPRS please try a browser and you can internet at time of plane mode or not
Note: If the tap repeatedly failed ' is currently ON ' and try to continue to connect
This trick I try and succeed at my favorite that is Android Lenovo A6000, and did not succeed in all types of Samsung, to other mobile phone yet I try maybe you have a smartphone other than me and you can try straight away. If anyone can connect with other smartphone models wrote a note in the comments ys.

As for what you should Know
By the time the aircraft is in the mode of Internet you still will be exposed to internet data quota

Still can make calls and SMS
The network used automatically depending on what you choose and is available in your area, if there are 4 g 4 g wear and more as well. But now that the season of free internet then you can Http applications with makes sense injectors.

If a lot of say in this mode smartphone so more toned and temperature so not so hot I think that hell is just a personal suggestion or your feelings, but that's just my opinion. OK maybe it's just that I can share this time, hopefully the article can be useful to all of you who read.
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