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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Who Was The Original Owner Of Your Domain?

Who Was The Original Owner Of Your Domain?
During our experience, we find that, in many companies/industry Domain names will have been registered by some employers in – sometimes it may be a long long time. At the time of registering one of its employees to register a domain name, under the name and his email address will be used as the admin email to buy a cheap domain.

So what we have seen that even the employees stop/left the company, the ownership of the domain name remains with the company itself. It is quite natural that employees work shifts and can leave the company. When they do, if they do not turn their admin rights of the domain name, then the company may lose the domain.

In the second case, the leading provider of domain registration services may be the owner or he's not probably allows you to manage your domain (for example, update the MX Records, A records, NS records, etc. ..), completely in your favor, or if they charge a fee for some sort of update, then surely your domain is not owned by you.

Each domain registrant must be equipped with a control panel for your domain, where it is able to manage the domain and record everything as he wants. If your domain registration service provider does not provide a control panel or if you do not
being able to update your own records, you can invoke your rights, if you don't get that, you can move/transfer a domain to another service provider that provides the control panel and the right to set up your domain like eDesigners Intelligent.

All too often businesses find, after investing the time and money using the web address, web designer that they actually have it, not them. Make sure you are the "Registrant" of the domain name.

Every domain name has the registrant, administrative, technical, and Billing Contact listed for that. The registrant is the owner of the domain, so you want to make sure that you (or your company) the registrant. Also make sure
that address, phone number, and e-mail address that is registered for you too.

Use the "WHOIS" – to check whether Your Registrants or only the intelligent EDesigners Team contact and find out how our professional services. All domain registration companies, such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and
Dotster to name a few, are required to make a "WHOIS" page is available to the public, so that anyone can find details about the domain. Among these Details is the contact for the domain.
Go to one of these companies ' registration sites and find the WHOIS Link – this is often at the very top or bottom of the web page.
Why aren't You listed as registrant?
Most business owners are surprised to learn that they don't have their legal
my own domain name. After all, they're paying to have a website created in the first
The place, plus the ongoing cost of paying for web hosting and domain registration. How
they do not become the owner if they are footing all the Bills?

What normally happens is that when your web design company for you
website, they register the domain for you. While registering the domain, however, their records themselves, not you, as a Registrant (i.e. owner).

Why would they do that? Give them the benefit of the doubt, I guess it's possible that they just don't know any better. A more cynical view, however, would be that they did it to make you a "hostage" to use their services forever (or at least make it difficult for you to switch).

User name and password are no longer an item that could be worrisome. When a domain name is registered,
most of the companies registration will set the user name and password. You use the
This is to login to your account in the company enrollment to make changes to your domain. So, even if you are listed as the Registrant and Administrative Contact, if anyone knows the user name and password (such as
satisfied or former employees), they can still wreak havoc with your domain.

What do you do if you're not registrant?
If you are not listed as the registrant, but a good relationship with the person or company that is, just ask them to create your Registrars. This is an easy process if they know what they are doing.

However, if your relationship with the registrant has become hostile, all hope is not lost. The organization that oversees domain names, ICANN is the Organization has developed a "Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy-" to
such cases.

Under this policy, the company that owns the domain name that is completely unrelated to the core business may have a hard time holding it. So, if you need to reclaim ownership of your domain name, investigate this dispute
policy resolution. Of course, it's also probably a good idea to consult with a lawyer who specializes in internet law.

Why business owners does not check to make sure the registration is showing them business as owner?
Mainly because they don't know how. If you register a domain of your own, then you know that You are fine. Make sure Your domain information, up to date the correct email address used for the account How registrars will let you know that it is time to buy a cheap domain and hosting in Jakarta.

If someone else registers your domain for you, then check with the InterNIC to make sure that your business is listed as the owner. If not, then worked in until you see the registration was changed to reflect your ownership, not a web design company as the owner of your name.

There is only one small detail ... If your domain was established with private domain registration; There is no way that you can see the details of the registration without a password to an account registration is private. make make sure you have it, because even the applicants themselves can not help you if you lose that information, and your email address is no longer valid in that account.

It is absolutely essential that you keep this information secure. Intelligent eDesigners experiences about Domain registration. This has happened many times ... someone calls and tells us; the people who designed their website and who always do their web maintenance have disappeared. Their domain is now for updates, they do not know how to do it, and they also want to switch hosting. So we look at the information for the domain, and found that the Registrant for the domain is their web people, not them. So now they can't get into the domain registration without Herculean effort. What can be done?

Solving this dilemma could be one of the really difficult, because the registrant information to determine who actually owns the domain. The most important part of it information company name, because we all know that the company can be bought
and sold and the owners and those people Administration can change, but chances are better if the companies are viable, that the company's name will remain the same.

All too often, they are "cheap" amateur web designer register a domain in their name and company name, even though you paid for it and it's your website. you initially decided to use the guy/gal on the road who does web design in his spare time because they will not charge as much as a pro. You allow him/her to register domains for You and collect your website (and it's usually not done very good, good, does not meet standards ... but thatEUR (TM) s a whole other bag of worms). And he now has your domain.
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