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Sunday, September 24, 2017

5 Online Games long, but Still Endure to the present

Do you guys like to play online games or memeng hobbies? We know if the name of the Game or the game is one of the means of entertainment that we normally play to fill the free time, either alone or together with friends or groups, one of them is online gaming. In asia itself, the Online Game is in fact already entered since the year 2001, but started mushrooming in since 2003. That is because many online games that have emerged since then, so many that sank over time.

Sure of you guys will be recalled online games you guys ever play time still in school when knowing this. But there are still many online games since then and until now is still lively, game anything huh? konicadriver will discuss 5 Online Game there is still popular even to this day.

1. Pangya

PANGYA! It is the distinctive voice of this game when it managed to do the blow by accurate. The game was released by Korea since 2004 this was still there until now. Although had disappeared a few years, but in 2009, the American Re-release this game so there are still up to now.

2. Rising Force Online (RF)

The next game also from Korea, it is the one which is still vibrant today. The game was released in 2006 is still attractive to many gamers around the world. Rising Force tells the story of a war between three Nations namely Accretia and Bellato, Cora who fought for his own people. This game also had a strong political impression which war affects the nation's economy.

3. Ragnarok Online (RO)

This game I like, game exodus Korea is indeed no death since long ago. Since the beginning of launching in korea in 2002 to the present so many updates that make the player doesn't get tired to play, start Guild, wedding system until the adoption of the child. Ragnarok Online is a game that has the most private servers around the world despite servers official still running.

4. Seal Online

A rabbit carrying a machete? Charge is here! Yes, the Game from Korea are indeed many still survive to this day. Seal Online remains crowded since its release in early 2007. Game genre MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online role-playing game) this is a game that makes the gamers at home. From quest, monsters are cute to adorable interaction

5. Audition (Ayodance)

Audition ayodance or better known as is a game based Multiplayer Online Casual Rhythm Game or better known as game music. Audition himself went to Indonesia in 2006 and instantly shift the some kind of other music games. Its interface is more diverse as well all kinds of fashion that can be purchased in the shop to become the attraction of the gamers to play this game. In this game turns can also search for a girlfriend Dude, so it's still singles might be able to find a girlfriend through this game.

Now that he's a bit of information that I can pass on about online games that still roost until now. And from the above game, anything ever Buddy play.
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