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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Application for polygamy

If it heard the word polygamy, many of the things that comes to every human brain. Whether it's positive or negative. But some people there who decide to choose the path of polygamy for various reasons or different considerations. If you are one who intends to choose the path of polygamy, then along with the development of technology not become it impossible any longer to more easily find a ready partner in the polygamy that is via the application "SecondWife".

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Applications for polygamous named SecondWife
Application of SecondWife is quite lively discussed by some circles. The purpose of this application is to help the Muslims who want to traverse the road of polygamy.

The basic law that strengthens the presence of this SecondWife application is as follows:
"And if you fear won't be able to do justice to the (rights) women who are orphaned (when you mengawininya), then the kawinilah women (others) that you enjoy doing: two, three, or four. Then if you fear will not be valid fair use, then (kawinilah) alone, or the slaves whom you have. That is closer to not persecute. Give gold wedding bands (dowry) to the woman (whom you married) as the granting of full compliance. Then if they submit to you a portion of gold mating it with pleasure, then eat (take) the giving it (as food) a hearty good again as a result. " (An-Nisa 3-4 Q.S.)
In the application of this SecondWife, there are some features that are presented. Among them:

It turns out that this application is one of the perjdohan service for world's largest polygamous
When opened via smartphone, display the application SecondWife it is convenient
Your personal profile, only accessible only by member SecondWife course application
The profile for each member already verified, so in this application there will be no fake accounts
And many of the features presented in this application, however, to choose the path of polygamy is not easy that require different considerations and there is not one of those who felt hurt.

Interested in the application Site list: SecondWife

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