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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Download Counter Strike

If you frequently play games, I am sure the name of the counter-strike no longer sound familiar. This game became a phenomenon a few years ago, when lots of people play it either from home or from an Internet café. This game has a style First Person Shooter, in which we see from a first person perspective and shoot your opponent.

Counter-strike (CS) was originally a modification of another game titled Half Life. Valve, the developer of Half Life, attracted by this popular modification and make it a product of his own and released it in 2000.

In Counter Strike, we can play as a Terrorist or Counter Terrorist groups. Both groups have a purpose and a different starting place. Counter-strike can be played alone, but in fact this game is much more fun if played busy-busy (up to a maximum of 32 persons) in the multiplayer mode.
Counter Strike has 2 game modes. In the fashion Bomb, Terrorist groups must be detonated a bomb at a particular place, whereas a Counter Terrorist should prevent it. In this mode, the Counter Terrorist Group Late must rescue hostages guarded by Terrorist groups. There are many map playable in this game, and each requires its own strategy. If you are tired of the default map, you can search for additional maps available for free on the internet.

To play multiplayer, you can play it online or through a local network of computers around you. Unfortunately, because this game was released over 10 years ago, the community play online this game has probably not too much. However, you can still play this game at a local network.
It's been quite difficult to find a retail version of CS, but you can buy it from the official website of the Valve for 10 dollars. If you can invite your friends to play together, Counter Strike is the right choice. But remember, this game was given a rating of 17 years of age because many contain elements of violence not suitable for children under.

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