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Saturday, September 2, 2017

ERROR CANON IR 6570 5570 5050 5055 E 001

ERROR CANON IR 6570 5570 5050 5055 E 001
The cause of the occurrence of the damage or ERROR:
1. output voltage PLN is not perfect, often up and down, unstable
2. The installation of cables, cable type is less whether or not qualified, each cable has a strength of different Amperage difference
3. the primary component, Main thermistor thermistor, thermofuse, Sub, damaged worn out or dirty
4. damage to electronics on the DC controller (system jumpers. 127 V, black red 220 V)
5. AC drive broken/open circuit
6. Shutter Plate/brass in hot roll/upper bengkong, crusty black (can be cleaned with braso)
7. Upper/hot roll too thick, so that the distribution of heat to a little long thermistor
8. the main heater Element burning, could look there is liquid coming out or the former burned/konslet

To Clear the engine error-kan Canon digital error E001
Press * 28 * simultaneously. Wait until it appears the user technical interface, follow the next step.
Press The Copier
Press Function
Press Clear
Press The ERR
Press Ok. Wait a few moments and then turn off your copy machine by pressing the ON/Off the sacred that is usually located on the side of the machine body.
Live right back to your machine, and the error will disappear if the damage is not contained on the main components or there is a spare part should be replaced.
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