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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Four ways to delete Applications on iOS (iPhone iPad )

There are four ways that we can use to delete applications that have been installed on devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

We will try to explain the individual commandments themselves and hopefully easy you guys
 understand right methods delete iOS applications.

Need to be aware of these methods may have been okay you guys use and some may first find out. Because deleting applications on iOS is actually easy and practical. The following are some of them

Delete the application: press and hold the Application Icon

This is the common way and easiest. Here's how simple Home Screen Page, in the search application to be delete. Then press and hold the application until the application moves Icon2/sway.

At the moment there are swaying the X button in the corner. Well to remove unwanted Applications stayed pressed aja X then there is confirmation and select Delete.

Delete application: Via iOS Setting

Well this little process and impressed fussy. But the truth is also practical. The trick is to sign in to the page

Settings Settings/General/General > ~ ~ > Usage/Usage

Once here you will see a lot of applications including large size. To remove these applications living in the Press and Press the delete button and please confirm and finish

Delete application: Via iTunes on the Desktop

For this method is of course the iOS Device (iPhone, iPad) must be connected to the Desktop by a USB cable. Then go into the management Device and tab in the applications Menu and please delete. In the same way with each one of us the first point the mouse cursor to one of the applications will appear the sign x on it. Press to delete.

Delete application: When are Updates

This method is very rare and perhaps a few new dipake heard this method. But it's more or less like this.

Like me ... okay really Install Applications not to need the day today . But more to the Trial and just ngetest. Well some of these applications sometimes become trash because not used and kind. If many who tried the automatic right of memory so full. Nah dont on used... Yes in the Delete only. This method is still using iTunes. So here goes the way. ...

Wait until we can notice there is an Update. Once there is an Update, go to the iTunes App > > Update Windows later in the list this update there are several unused applications but there are information updates. Well I am pretty detele just such an application. Do I right click of the icon and Delete.

The last step, later when we Sync again iDevice (iPhone or iPad) applications which have been deleted in the iTunes Library will also be deleted in our iPhone/iPad device.

How to delete Applications iOS (iPhone iPad) Applications how to delete iOS (iPhone iPad) Confirm Delete Application Settings via the iOS iOS Setting via the Application Delete Confirmation
Well that was it. May be useful and if you guys have any easier way. Please shared with us.
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