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Monday, September 4, 2017

How to install a Brother MFC-5910DW

This time I tried to divide the science of how to install a Brother MFC-5910DW, for those of you who are first to install printer brother, I hope you must be very careful and conscientious in doing step by step, due to the for installation error will result in failed his work function printer or printer's Error would result in total.

The materials and tools you need to provide is:

  1. PC or Notebook with OS windows XP or Mac OS 7 and under 10.0 it is recommended not to use windows above 7, because on many case driver maintenance can not run.
  2. Of course a printer Brother MFC-5910DW to be installed.
  3. Kable power and USB for connection to electrical and computer.
  4. Software maintenance drivers can be downloaded at the drivers and software at BrUsb123 and BrUbs last software for install and his OS installation files.
After all prepared, we will perform a execution and accuracy we needed here in practice, following step by step installation:
  1. First we must go to menu maintenance, up to want to go with the plug in the power cable press the home button or after pressing the button quickly to life * 2684.
  2. Then install the driver by way of maintenance go into device manager, and then search the driver and point it to the drivers folder maintenace previously we prepare, do up all the drivers installed.
  3. His first press start mono and 74 on the keypad of the printer to go into the menu to update the OS.
  4. Enter the country code for MFC-5910DW and press start mono ("to know the country code I will update the post later, or can contact me") will appear on the LCD of the printer Update or update the init.
  5. The next step we will instal his OS by way of Drag and paste IE move the Firmware file MFC-J5910DW. pjl into brother USB printer maintenance. do I Click two times on the Filedg32 we've previously downloaded File in the folder Installation. Follow as indicated in the picture:

MFC software Installation-step 5910DW MFC Installation step-5910DW
After we completed the step above the printer will restart and turned on again, then on the printer LCD printer setup will appear like the 1st time we operte, after setup the date, time and others, we will complete step last.
Last step is to enter the SN and SN printer print head so that the init error printer not later, by way of double clicking on the file BrUsbSn. exe which we have previously prepared. Enter the printer unit Sn and Sn print head its like on the picture:

way Charging SN and SN Brother Printer Print Head once installed Step Charging SN and SN Printer Print Head So was the discussion of how installation Brother MFC-5910DW, if anyone would like to ask or guide can contact the Author at the contacts (available on the About Us)
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