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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Learn Stock Trading For Beginners

I often get the question, how the hell way to trading the stock investments? want to buy selling shares it where? What is JCI? What is a stock exchange? What is a candlestick? FF.. Okay in the article this time I will cover some basic concepts that may be perfectly suitable for beginners who want to learn stock trading and maybe you want to play the business selling stocks online at a later date or maybe even so serious trader/investor which makes this online stock investment as a full time business.

What is a stock?

Formally, it is said as the securities ownership signs a person/Agency against a single company. But since we are talking in the context of stock trading, then this is just the "objects" that we sell buy so that we can benefit. Short-term traders normally, have no such company was buying mindset, they tend to target profit from the price difference of buying and selling stocks. In contrast to investors (who usually have a long term vision), they are usually more consider themselves as owners of certain companies when they buy shares of the company.

JCI terms is abbreviated from the composite stock price index. Where this is the average price of all shares that are on the Indonesia stock exchange. As the school's first era the report cards, the average value of the students it is the JCI, and all types of subjects that there are all kinds of existing stock.

How can profit from stocks?

We can profit from the difference between the stock price and buy early. For example, you buy XYZ stock at a price of 500, then 1 year later XYZ shares are priced at 600. Then you benefit 100/XYZ shares that you have. This method is also called LONG (Buy low-sell high). This is a method of searching for the profit in the stock of the most popular in Indonesia.

There is also a SHORT name (High-Buy Sell low). This way the profiteers who do not often done in Indonesia, because it had the Government had strict regulation with this method (you must also have a large capital, many other requirements that you must meet). At its essence, SHORT is the opposite of LONG.

SHORT it means you predict the stock price will fall in the future, then you do Sell in advance with mengutang to your stock broker (at a time when prices are high) and then buy it at a certain period in the future (when the price low). In this way the Indonesia officially actually prohibited.

For maintaining the simple , the current method of searching for the most common advantage in playing with the Indonesia stock is LONG (Buy low-sell stock stocks high).

What is a Lot?

Indonesia stock exchange in 1 Lot = 100 shares. So if you buy 1 lot XYZ stock last then your profit is 100 * 100 = Usd 10,000

How can I buy sell stocks? Where the location is?


You and I are as individual investors cannot directly buy and sell shares on the trading floor. There is a procedure. We need the name of the broker (intermediary) to connect us to the trading floor Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Then after we connected we are free to Transact buy and sell shares on the Indonesia stock exchange.

The stock broker is a company registered with the official and was given permission by the Government to link investors individually to the trading floor. Usually this will be our men-charge broker fee (fee) in each of our transactions. Where brokers get their advantage. While we've been officially registered at the stock broker, then we can join the transaction of buying and selling stocks online at Indonesia stock exchange or the Indonesia stock exchange.

Brokers also usually provide services to individual investors, such as providing online trading software, consultation free stock to attract investors to join them. The magnitude of the fee we have to pay for it is very relative, usually a broker red plate (Government-owned) cth: BNI securities have higher transaction costs. Because they have the reputation of the reliable keeping of funds, investors and also supervise by the Government.

In fact many stock brokers company hell out there, all offer the advantages of each, you are free to choose. But first make sure the mandatory if the Broker is already registered in official and Legal.

How to analyze stocks for profit?

There are two frequently used analysis methods, fundamental analysis and technical analysis of stocks, and also you are merging the two.
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