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Saturday, September 9, 2017

The easy way to move files/Data from the iPhone to the computer using Dropbox

Still remember the first time if you want to send the file as rintone, songs – songs, videos or other files – file?. If not with data cable we do so using the infrared connection that requires cell phone recipient and sender are in adjacent and parallel rare. Then the bluetooth technology also appears between the recipient and sender phone must be within a few meters.

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How to Move files from iPhone to computer
In line with the development of technology, all media – the media that some had been left, perhaps just use bluetooth if you want to send files instantly on proximity.

Currently we have known Dropxox an online storage system that allows us to send a file to someone with no limited distance and time, there is an internet connection, sender or recipient can send and retrieve ( Download) files which we send/request.

And not only from mobile phones/smartphones to smartphones, with Dropbox we can send files from your smartphone to your computer or otherwise. Kok is not too difficult to do so. You just need to create an account with Dropbox.

Here's how to move files or data from iPhone to computer with Dropbox:
  1. First, please register an account in Dropbox. Click here for a Windows computer or click here for the Mac.
  2. Next download the application Dropbox for PC
  3. Install the Dropbox application that you have downloaded.
  4. Next switch to your iPhone, download and Install the dropbox to your iPhone, click here.
Next you stay logged on your computer and your iPhone. Next create a folder (we recommend via the computer to make it easier). The next and try to move the/upload a file from your computer. And when you are finished please open the application Dropbox on your iPhone, or if you have open please refresh to see the file that you upload on your computer. So instead if you want to send files from your iPhone to your computer, you can simply copy-paste the file you want and place it in a folder in Dropbox via your iPhone. Easy right?

Good luck!

Note: for the free version you only get 2 GB quota.
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