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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

These new features are present In Update WhatsApp For iOS

Not long ago WhatsApp give new update for iOS users, update on it and there are a few things that is quite surprising

It's surprising it was Update several features that did not exist in previous Android to date this has not been in the know when this update will bring WhastApp in Play Store.

After updating to the latest version, users of ioS akanbisa using one of the five color filter for images.

To use it, just choose portraits directly, or select a photo, a video, or GIF's private collection. Then slide to add the selected filter.

Other updates is to send or receive more than one photo via WhatsApp.

Apparently, this update will collect all of the photos are accepted and are grouped based on the poster.

The last feature is pemintas to reply to a message that would simplify and speed up the user in responding to a message. To find it, just slide it to the left of the message being replied to.

Update features that are already in the read of the above wrapped in WhatsApp 2.17.30 version, this version is already released in the App Store and it can be downloaded by users of iOS.
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