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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Vaginal Opening


The vagina is an elastic tube composed of muscular and mucous membranes with long 7-9 cm long, extends from the uterine cervix up into the vaginal opening. The vaginal opening, a hole of the urethra, and the channel of vestibular glands berujunag at vestibulum vagina (labia minora gaps between). The vaginal opening is where the menstrual fluid discharge, form part of the bottom of the street was born, where the entry of the penis and ejaculation time sexual intercourse, as well as connect the vestibulum vagina and uterine cervix.
The vagina itself consists of rugae/fold – fold of mucous membrane and muscular all over the walls. This allows to widen the vaginal opening when the process of childbirth. The structure of the vagina is also a collection of network connectivity, as well as the erectile tissue.
Hymen/hymen is a thin membrane structure which can be found at the entrance of the vaginal opening. Typically, this membrane tear before the start of menstruation with goals as a channel out of the blood of menstruation. The hymen itself has a varied form. The form tersering is the form of a Crescent. Hymen which is not hollow can be found at birth, usually known new age a dozen years. In this condition, the blood mensruasi can't get out and cause a mass in the abdomen or back pain. Other deformities is hymen hymen and mikroperforasi bersepta.


Olehkarena a connection between other pelvic organs with a vagina, the trauma of childbirth at a time when the process of giving birth to a long and hard will cause weakness, destruction, until a tear in the wall of the vagina or surrounding areas. This will cause a condition that allows the occurrence relationship between vaginal opening with the structure of the urinary bladder, urethra, rectum, or perineum. The existence of this relationship, the urine can enter the vagina, even any stool can also get into pussy Furthermore will cause irritation and infection.
Other abnormalities on the vaginal opening is redness accompanied by pain after sexual intercourse. This usually occurs in women after menopause due to hormonal changes that cause there is vaginal drier.
Another condition is the presence of infection at the vaginal opening both caused by bacteria, parasites, until mushrooms. It is the underlying whiteness that smell, can be accompanied by pain or itching.

Protection against vaginal opening, among others, avoid the structure against the trauma and also maintain the cleanliness of the vaginal opening so that it is not easy to make a vaginal discharge. In addition, how to clean the genitals after urination/defecation to be precise, that leads to the back/to my anus, not forward as it can spread germs to the vaginal opening or urethra.
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