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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Appendectomy: Procedure, Preparation & Risks

Operation of appendicitis or known as appendektomi is an act of surgery performed to remove the appendix (appendicitis). Operation of appendicitis is usually done when emergency conditions to treat apendicitis (inflammation of the appendix).


The function of the operation of appendicitis was to dispose of the appendix (appendicitis) experiencing inflammation. This operation consists of two operation techniques are:

Open appendectomy

An action consists of operation incisions on the skin, tissue and abdominal wall to reach areas appendix (appendicitis). In other words, an open appendectomy is a surgery in General, i.e. by opening the abdominal wall.

Laparoscopic ("keyhole") appendectomy

Laparoscopi appendectomy that is done by making three small incisions in the abdominal region, which is to put the tool through the third hole incisions. Through the tool will put gas into the abdominal cavity to separate the organs inside the abdomen with abdominal diniding. This is to facilitate the examination of internal organs in the abdomen. Then do the appointment of appendix is done with a tool inserted through the incision and the monitor to see the organ (appendix) which was about to be appointed.

The type of surgery performed depends on the severity of appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix). The surgeon will discuss the operation done to the patient before the operation is performed. Usually if the appendix has ruptured the choice of surgery performed is an open appendectomy.

When the appendix is about to be appointed either by way of an open or laparoscopic appendectomy appendectomy, the blood vessels supplying the appendix bound in the past then appendix cut. Appendectomy laparoscopic operations, the appendix was made through one of the small incisions are made.


After the operation was conducted, typically nurses will check the temperature, blood pressure, pulsation and frequency of breath on a regular basis. In addition, the operating wound as well as the degree of pain is also examined to determine doses of anti-inflammatory drugs are given pain. If not found the presence of complications, patients are allowed to go home a few days after the operation was carried out (generally about 3 days).

Things to note after the operation that is to not do activities that use your stomach muscles as climbing stairs. The patient is allowed to eat about 24 hours after the surgery was completed.
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