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Saturday, February 10, 2018



Bronchopneumonia is inflammation of the walls of the bronkiolus (small airway lung – pulmonary). Inflammation is commonly caused by infection and occur in both lung – pulmonary are scattered. Inflammation can be mild or severe depending on the cause, Bronchopneumonia preceded by upper respiratory tract infection that spreads to the lower part of the respiratory tract. In bronchopneumonia, inflammation occurs at the bronkiolus and a little bit of the surrounding lung tissue. While in pneumonia, inflammation of lung tissue.


Symptoms of bronchopneumonia may occur suddenly or slowly. Bronchopneumonia is often preceded the symptoms of a cold or cough phlegm so. So then developed symptoms of shortness of breath, chest pain, fast breathing, fever, chills, muscle aches, and headaches. In children, the most common symptom is a quick breath, tightness, and fever. In bronchopneumonia due to viruses, the symptoms are milder. Severe bronchopneumonia can interrupt the exchange of air in the lungs of the lungs so that the blood – streamed to your whole body into oxygen. This can cause interference with various organs and unconsciousness to death.


Bronchopneumonia caused by viral infection or bacterial infection by the upper respiratory tract (nose and throat). The infection can be acquired from contaminated air. Viral infections occur more frequently and are generally caused by Cytomegalovirus or Influenza virus. The bacteria cause of bronchopneumonia, among others, Staphylococcus aureus, Haemopilus influenza, and Klebsiella pneumonia. Risk factors of suffering from bronchopneumonia, among others, baby (< 2 years), the elderly (65 years >), sufferers of chronic pulmonary disease, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, heart disease, chemotherapy, smoking, heavy alcohol drinkers, as well as lack of nutrition. Bacteria or viruses coming into the airway to the lungs causing pulmonary inflammatory reaction – that interfere with oxygen exchange.


Bronchopneumonia due to viruses can recover spontaneously within 1-2 weeks. The treatment given to relieve symptoms, such as a remedy for cough and fever. On the bacterial bronchopneumonia, required treatment with antibiotics. Bronchopneumonia light can be treated in an outpatient. Hospitalization is required if there are symptoms such as heavy breath quickly, decreased blood pressure, decreased consciousness, and needs the tools installation breath.
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