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Sunday, October 8, 2017



Neurobion is one of the many vitamins product names circulating in the community. Neurobion has a composition of several B vitamins, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, while B6 as pyridoxine, vitamin B12 and have another name cyanocobalamin. Neurobion supplements produced by one of the major pharmaceutical companies, namely Merck.

Vitamin B complex vitamins are known as neurotropik, meaning that serves to protect nerve cells. Lack of vitamin-vitamins that cause symptoms like Achy, or strained muscles, or the body feels stiff. On the stiffness of the muscles, patients feel very heavy bodies so that more energy is required to move. Vitamin B complex can be used to reduce the symptoms above.

Neurobion is also used to improve the metabolism of the body and fulfill daily needs vitamin B complex. Special on vitamin B6 and B12, vitamin is necessary in the formation of red blood cells and maturity. The advantages of neurobion usage, i.e., set neural metabolism especially in peripheral nerves, helps the process of the formation of energy, maximize performance, keeping the working heart and appetite.

Contraindicated in the wearing of neurobion especially when there is a history of previous allergies and blood clotting disorders.
Use in pregnant women and nursing mothers be allowed having regard to the recommended dose. Neurobion is not recommended for consumption by children, because of the difference in dosage. For children, there is a special supplement with the dosage adjusted.


Although neurobion is a vitamin supplement, but can cause side effects of neurobion anyway. Some symptoms of side effects of neurobion, i.e., allergic reaction (itching, Buran occurred on the entire body), bleeding, and pain and pounding on the chest. General side effects that arise with mild symptoms. When side effects disturb, soon saw a doctor.

Neurobion from Merck is available in tablet form. Neurobion have a green circle on the packaging, indicates neurobion is drug-free. Although free, the use must comply with the recommendations.
Every 1 tablet contains vitamin B1 supplements of neurobion as much as 100 mg (milligrams), as many as 200 mg of vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 200 mcg (micrograms). The recommended dose of neurobion consumption i.e. 1 tablet a day.
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