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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Opera Mini Beta Web Browser Download

What is your preferred browser to surf the internet using your Android device? Chrome is perhaps be your choice, considering Android in General already have Chrome by default. A few other choice is Firefox, Dolphin, as well as Opera. Comparison of names already referred to, the Opera also released a browser Android devoted to own features as possible, so as not to burden the performance of Android devices. The application is named Opera Mini. And as a test for its newest features, Opera released Opera Mini Beta Web Browser that can be obtained from the Google Store Play without a dime.

Opera Software ASA, one of the developers of this popular browser, has a number of applications available in the Google browser Play Store. The first is the Opera Browser For Android, their most complete browser application. Then, there are also application his light version called Opera Mini Web Browser with developed with the aim to simplify and lighten the surfing activity of its users. Both of these applications, each application has a sideline form of beta. And Opera Mini Beta this is the beta version of Opera Mini.

As beta, Opera Mini Beta still has all the features that are on the main version, even more. The beta version is intended by its developers to be able to test all the extra features that did not exist even in the main version. Because tested directly by users, developers expect there are some useful feedback form feedback to develop a better browser again.

Same with Opera Mini, Opera Mini Beta also features the main feature in the form of Save Data. Save Data feature is a feature that simplifies the display of the web site with the aim to reduce the traffic data which will be used by Android devices. Users will be able to see the Save Data is as effective as what features work by opening the settings feature will show you the percentage of the data that was successfully reduced. In addition to these features, the design of the browser itself is designed as simple as possible.

Remember this is a beta version which will be constantly updated, you need to read the section what's New on Google Play Store to continue to monitor the latest features that exist in this beta version that does not exist in the main version. At the time of this writing are made, Middle developer testing features include full screen tab gallery, list of bookmarks and saved pages listed above, Speed Dial, and so on. Download Opera Mini Beta Web Browser
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