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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Remove Keloids Naturally

Keloid is a type of wounds incurred compared to the surrounding skin. Keloids usually has a slippery surface and pink or purple. Keloids form irregular and tend to progressively enlarged. In contrast to cuts in General, Kelo will not be lost over time. In addition to the troubling keloid can also looks, feels pain if touched.


The decision to treat Keloids depending on symptoms caused as well as the location. Keloids with disturbing appearance in cosmetics as well as accompanied by symptoms that menggaggu is an indication for a given therapy.

Several methods can be performed to remove the keloid, namely as follows:

Injection of cortisone (steroid intralesi)
Cortisone injection given every 4 to 8 weeks once the injected directly into the area of Keloids. Injections are safe and the pain inflicted is also minimal. Injection of steroids can make a keloid becomes more horizontally, but can leave scars reddish due to the stimulation of small blood vessels against around Keloids.

The surgical action against Kelo can give good results but if that person has a talent in the formation of keloid then more risky because by removing parts of keloid scars form like new so can lead to the formation of Keloids on the incision area. Some surgeons give injections of steroids or wrap of press on the wound after Kelo was appointed to prevent the formation of keloid's return. Moreover, it can also try with radiation after surgery against Kelo.

The laser can be beneficial to flatten and reduce the keloid's color. Laser therapy are safe and perceived pain is minimal, but it cannot be done in just one session but with a few new session brings about maximum results so that price becomes more expensive.


Therapy of keloid can also by attaching sheets of silicone on the injured area which is used for several months. Terapinya results vary.

The use of radiation as the Kelo terpi has been proven to be safe and beneficial.

It is best to deal with Keloids is to prevent Keloids. People who have a tendency to keloid incidence not recommended plastic surgeon to perform the operation (with cosmetic purposes) and piercing (piercing).
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