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Saturday, February 24, 2018

What is a troll on Facebook?

Social networks like Facebook users have turned to computer network deployment far and wide in communicating with each other. The scale of human interaction can be done on the Internet. Then the disadvantage is: the whole scale of human interaction on the Web, including the worst of human behavior can be performed. A breed of Facebook Internet more unaddressed is the troll.

Willingness to argue

The primary function that defines a troll is that willingness to argue that borders on pleasure. A troll will start argument, and then hold the argument over several comments. The troll goal is to provoke an emotional reaction and keep it burning for as long as possible. But be forewarned: argument is a normal human interaction and not guaranteed sign of the troll. Not every argument has a troll, but every troll argues.

Public Forums: The Troll Nature

An argument that probably takes place on the wall of a personal profile is not a troll with. The average person who has a Facebook account for personal use may reasonably have checked their friends list. In addition, a personal profile wall of the owner's circle of friends is limited. No, troll antagonism is a public spectacle. He is attracted to fan pages, open groups and open events to reach as many users as possible. The exception to this rule is when a personal profile has so many friends it has in fact publicly how the profile of a famous person could be viewed.


It can hardly be argument if all involved in a conversation agrees. Someone has to object, and the role of a troll is unpleasant. But a troll antagonism goes beyond a garden of disagreement; He must be the lonely soldier in enemy territory. A true example would be the 2010 "Donald Glover 4 Spider-Man" fan page, a grassroots campaign black actor Donald Glover getting an audition for "The Amazing Spider-Man" movie. The overall presumption of the site was the idea that Glover was going to support Spider-Man, but the group was simply "white" by people who would say "Peter Parker." Instead of creating an alternative page, the trolls argued the point on the opposing side own territory.

Shock Value

The safest way to spot a troll is when he posts an instruction for shock. Shock value goes in the vicinity of opposites; After all, having a group in their own area can be shocking. But true shock comes from opposition to a point that you might think everyone would agree to. The most obvious example of shocking Troll can unfortunately be found on Facebook events created to find the missing person. When an event is created for the sole purpose of strand support and effort into the lost daughter of a family at home, the event troll person says, "She's probably dead."
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