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Friday, April 20, 2018

Understanding CAPTCHA

Understanding CAPTCHA. Hi brothers all! As usual, because a lot of activity so I very rarely post on the blog. Sorry yeah, hehe. This time I will share about Understanding CAPTCHA.may have been unfamiliar with the name CAPTCHA and maybe also brothers already know about this CAPTCHA Understanding. Okay, without further ado, please read about my version of CAPTCHA Definition: D

Do you know about CAPTCHA? CAPTCHA is a form of challange-response test used in computing to ensure that answers are not generated by a computer. This process usually involves a computer (server) that asks a user to complete a simple test that the computer can generate and evaluate. Because other computers can not solve CAPTCHA, any user who can provide the correct answer will be considered a human. (source:

Still confused? So here, the core function of this CAPTCHA is that the visited server is only allowed for humans, not robots or a computer that has been programmed to do anything on the website or server (such as the content of comments or automatic clicks on an ad) .

For example, when sister will post a comment or create a new Thread in forum. Surely it will appear a writing that is difficult to read. Well, the writing is useful to ascertain whether the computer that wants to post a comment or thread in forum is controlled by HUMAN or ROBOT / BOT (computer that has been programmed). Usually BOT is used in forum to pursue the number of posting comments or threads to become ISO (can give reputation to a member).

CAPTCHAs are of all kinds. From ordinary letters, to a mixture of strange characters / symbols that may not be present in the keyboard. This is what CAPTCHA is made of. Because biotaya BOT / ROBOT can not fill CAPTCHA writing that must be filled. Well, despite the many ways that BOT can break through this CAPTCHA system.

To know the words in this CAPTCHA, you must be careful. Because if one typed in one character, the server / website system will tell you to enter the new CAPTCHA words.

Okeh, so many articles this time about Understanding my version of CAPTCHA. We apologize for any shortcomings in this article or blog. Feedback from readers will be very helpful in the development of this blog. Thank you! :)
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