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Sunday, March 12, 2023

CyberPower: UT1500EG and UT2200EG backup power supplies

CyberPower: UT1500EG and UT2200EG

CyberPower's innovative UT Series UPSs are newly equipped with GreenPower UPS technology. The backup power supplies thus minimize power consumption compared to conventional UPS systems and users can enjoy significant energy cost savings.

CyberPower recognizes both the impact of the current energy crisis and the need to protect the environment. That's why it has developed its patented GreenPower UPS technology, which improves the efficiency of UPS operation while reducing the heating of modified models. This can save up to 93% of energy consumption compared to standard UPS systems.

CyberPower's innovative UT Series

The upgraded models of the UT1500EG (1,500 VA, 900 W) and UT2200EG (2,200 VA, 1,320 W) series equipped with SCHUKO or FR sockets have a new design compared to existing backup power supplies, protective Ethernet ports for data networks with 1 Gbps throughput, USB-A and USB-C charging ports and, of course, lower power consumption thanks to GreenPower UPS technology. At the same time, they heat up significantly less, extending battery life.

UPS to protect important devices

CyberPower UPSs use a line-interactive topology with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) with stabilized AC output. This ensures power protection for IT equipment such as computers and storage devices. UPSs are also compatible with generators for power extension. Overload protection, an electromagnetic interference filter and a custom-configured alarm are standard features. The ergonomic design allows users to place the device on a desk or in other small spaces. The devices are equipped with an LED indicator to indicate operational activity or battery status. The models include four FR or SCHUKO outlets.

Main differences from models without GreenPower:

  • New design;
  • protective ports for data network with 1 Gbps throughput;
  • USB-A and USB-C charging ports;
  • lower power consumption;
  • Significantly lower heating (and therefore heat dissipation).
  • The UT2200EG-FR is on sale now. The UT1500EG-FR is expected to be available during Q1 2023.

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