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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Download ASUS A456UF Driver Windows 10 64 bit

This Asus A456UF review was not predicted at all. Because previously we hoped that the Asus flagship notebook armed with Intel 6th Gen Skylake would land first. Since there are many people waiting for the latest version of Asus' A-series, we decided to review the Asus A456UF first. And as it turns out, there are some surprising things we encountered during this Asus A456UF review. Curious?

Unboxing Hands-On Review Asus A456UF⭐

For information, the previous series, the Asus A455LF, which used Broadwell, sold like hotcakes in the market. And perhaps because the Skylake chip has landed at the Asus factory, the Broadwell production line was immediately refreshed. Until the Asus A455LF was discontinued and replaced by the Asus A456UF.

Asus A456UF dri

Asus A456UF Specifications and Price

With 14nm architecture, skylake may be more power efficient than skylake which still uses 22nm architecture. But Intel's decision to use a higher base clock certainly has an effect on general power consumption. This CPU has a base clock speed of 2.3GHz and a turbo boost of up to 2.8GHz. This makes it superior in some single core scenarios compared to Haswell.

Nvidia Geforce GT930M 2GB GDDR3

Already using Maxwell 2.0 architecture, unfortunately because it is in the low category, the memory bandwidth of this GT930M GPU is only 64-bit. For applications that do not use image details and high resolution, the performance of this Geforce GT930M can be equalized with Geforce GT745M whose GPU memory bandwidth is 2x bigger (128-bit). But when entering the gaming scenario, the gap starts to close, even reaching a lower %. But for the size of low-end GPU, this Geforce GT930M has the same or even better performance than Nvidia GTX560M GPU generation 5 years ago.

Ports and Connectivity

One of the surprising things about the Asus A456UF is the I/O ports. The notebook already offers users the latest USB 3.1 type C connectivity. Again, this may still be an investment at the moment. But what deserves thumbs up is that Asus always gives the maximum of what is a built-in feature of the chipset.

For the rest, the Asus A456UF delivers standard multimedia notebook connectivity. For display out, there are D-Sub and HDMI 1.4a without display port. SD Card Reader and Combo audio jack complement the 2 USB 3.0 ports and a USB 3.1 port.

Display Panel

This time Asus entrusted a display panel made by Chinmei for the A456UF, to be precise the CMN N140BGE-E43 series. Usually for the 14-inch A and X series, Asus uses LG-Philips. The quality itself is very good, especially the contrast. When playing games, dark gray colors are still clearly visible when meeting black. The spread of backlit leds is also evenly distributed throughout the panel area. Nvidia has segmented the Geforce GT930M for 12 to 14-inch notebooks with 1366 x 768 (HD) resolution.


It is true that a unit that sells well in the market, and is predicted to still sell well, will not get much retouch on the design part. That's the case with the Asus A456UF, which will be available in Dark Brown (WX015D), Dark Blue (WX016D), Gold (WX036D), Red (WX053D) and White (WX054D). Other than the USB 3.1 port displacing one of the USB 3.0 ports, the entire barebones is exactly the same as the broadwell version of the ASUS A455LF.

At the bottom of the case, Asus provides a small maintenance door that is only intended to access the RAM slots. For fresh air inlet, there is a mesh hole which we think is very minimalist. You can see the contribution of this mesh hole in the benchmark table, especially the temperature section.

Upgrade Option

The A series is already a compact product designed for longer usage without power intake. For this reason, the upgrade options provided to improve performance are also fairly minimal. The CPU, GPU and LCD are definitely non-upgradeable. Meanwhile, RAM can still be maximized up to 12GB capacity by adding 1 piece of 8GB DDR3L in the available dimm slot. As for storage, you'll have to get rid of the HDD to use an SSD. Because this series still uses ODD, you can still use the existing HDD for data storage with an additional HDD Caddy.


The combination of Intel core i5 6200U and Nvidia Geforce GT930M can be aligned with the performance of 128-bit GPU gaming notebook released 5 years ago such as Sager NP8150 which uses Geforce GTX560M and non-ULV version CPU. It's amazing for a 7-million notebook and a much thinner barebones. Playing triple A games like Battlefield 4 can still be done on this notebook on medium settings with an average result of 35fps.

Cooling System

During the gaming test, the CPU temperature of the intel core i5 6200U on this notebook ranged from 72°celcius to 75°celcius. The same number as the Haswell version of Asus A451LN. While the temperature of the Geforce GT930M is at 68°celcius, which is about 10.5% cooler than the Kepler-based Geforce GT840M. Naturally, the GT840M is hotter because the GPU clock and Vram clock are "slightly" higher. This leads Pemmzchannel to believe that the design and material quality of the Asus A456UF cooling system is similar to the previous series, especially the Asus A451LN.

Power Management

Skylake is also claimed to have better power management due to its miniaturized architecture. And this is enough to help the 2-cell battery with a capacity of 4400mAh last longer in the battery test that pemmzchannel did. Noted, Asus A456UF was able to survive 94 minutes in the BatteryEatPro 2.7 classic mode test. This is about 10% longer than the A451LN (86 minutes) which uses a Haswell-based CPU and Kepler-based GT840M GPU.


The presence of the surprisingly fast Asus A456UF will, in theory, have an impact on the absorption of the A445LF series, which may still be on the market. But since the performance of the two is not much different, the A455LF still has a chance to move into the hands of users. Especially if coupled with a slight reduction in price, it is possible that the demand for the Asus A455LF may even increase when the product has to "close the books".

Download ASUS A456UF Driver Windows 10 64 bit

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